Other products from SIGMA 4

Sigma 4 Bulldozer Blades


The SIGMA 4 Bulldozer Blades Consolidated experience, specific know-how and the strictest quality standards: both practical and efficient (starting from the coupling and uncoupling operations, now made even faster and easier thanks to the new “Velotak” coupling/uncoupling sys-tem), Sigma 4 Tiltdozers are clearing the way to increased productivity.

SIGMA 4 have developed a range of blades for agricultural Crawler tractors over many years and are recognised as the world leader in this product range.

Utilising the Velotak quick release system so that your tractor can be utilised for other work, this blade will maximise your Crawler.

Sigma 4 Back Hoes


The SIGMA 4 backhoes are three-point-hitched through an adjustable cou-pling system. They are easily hitched and perfectly locked to the back of the tractor allowing for great stability as well as comfortable and safe oper-ations.

Hitching and unhitching procedures are easy and rapid even for -professional users.

While working, the stress is distributed on the two stabilizer legs, safeguarding the tractor. The hydraulic cylinders – fed by a pump which in turn is driven by the tractor P.T.O. – control the movement of arms and bucket.

The rams are connected to the hydraulic distributor and operated by means of levers placed on the control console in front of the seat. The Sigma 4 backhoes are for customers looking for an excellent product at the best market price.

  1. The Backhoe Series “U”, without a shifting frame, is particularly suitable for customers who are regularly working on in open fields or gardens. It is extremely stable thanks to the wide open position reached by the stabilizer legs.
  2. The Backhoe Series “C” is the best selling model. Its frame can be hy-draulically shifted with no need of getting off the seat. Side-shift is a very crucial feature for operators working in row cultivations, such as orchards and vineyards, and more in general in narrow areas where stabilizer legs may not be easily fitted.

The two SIGMA 4 backhoe series have the same components and hydraulic parts – the only difference is the shifting frame on the series “C” and the fixed frame in the series “U”.

Sigma 4 Grader Blades


SIGMA 4 grader blades are a strong robust option to utilise your tractor – mounted on the 3 point linkage and equipped with two hydraulic rams these blades are available in three sizes: 2m, 2.5m and 3m working width.

A levelling wheel set can be fitted as an option.

Get a SIGMA 4 Grader Blade working on your next project.