Italy’s largest Front End Loader manufacturer

SIGMA 4 Front End Loaders are renowned in Europe as robust, high quality loaders for most brands and models of tractor.

SIGMA 4 have been sold in New Zealand for almost 20 years and have been imported by Giltrap AgriZone since 2010 and are Giltrap AgriZone’s preferred front end loader.

We also supply SIGMA 4 to selected New Zealand dealers for inclusion in their own product ranges.

The world’s first hydraulic self levelling loader was designed by Sigma 4.

Today SIGMA 4 loaders are available in two ranges:

Series Iron: (2 year warranty)

– IRON “F” (standard)

– IRON “M” (mechanical self leveling)

– IRON “H” (hydraulic self leveling)

Series Profi: (3 year warranty)

– STEEL (standard)

– GOLD (mechanical self levelling)

– TITANIUM (hydraulic self leveling)

– PLATINUM (hydraulic self leveling)


  1. Lubrication points which are all readily accessible from the outside
  2. Booms made from fine-grain high quality steel for strength and long life
  3. Velotak loader quick release system
  4. Full manoeuvrability – the lack of a lower side plate allows for full tractor steering lock; there is no interference with the turning circle
  5. Control cables attached by very strong pin and clevis;Cables have lengths stamped on them
  6. Metal case with strong pin and clevis joints instead of ball joints
  7. Good visibility
  8. Flash hydraulic connector
  9. GENIUS® anti-bounce system
  10. Three hydraulic options:1. Metal (not plastic) joystick
    2. TC speed electronic joystick
    3. Or utilize your tractor hydraulic joystick.

SIGMA 4 Front End Loaders are renowned for their strength:

  1. Cast boom ends top and bottom
  2. Welded in strengtheners
  3. Large diameter pivot pins – all with replaceable K4 polymer bushes
  4. Fully protected greasing points.

How to attach a Sigma 4 Loader

Download the “How to attach a Sigma 4 Loader” Powerpoint document

Download the “How to attach a Sigma 4 Loader” PDF document

If you do not have Acrobat reader you can download it for free from here: Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF